Drains and sewers may crack due to ground movement, subsidence, tree root infiltration, or corrosion – or they may totally collapse. The result is a structurally defective drain causing repeat blockages or leaks into the surrounding soil. 

Whatever your problem, we will conduct a thorough site survey and and advise on the most efficient and cost-effective method of repair. 




Excavation is always the last resort as we attempt to reduce the need for disruption to our customers as much as possible by means of ‘no-dig’ repair solutions. 

On some occasions drain excavations are unavoidable and any excavation work is carried out by our qualified drainage engineers who have been trained to meet the latest legislation and comply with all Health and Safety regulations. 

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No -Dig Repair

Patch Lining – Where defects are localised in a small area, this can be “patched” to produce a permanent high quality repair. Patches are applied by coating a fibre-glass mat with silicate resin. The mat is then wrapped around an inflatable packer and pushed into position. Then left to cure.

Section Lining – Where the drain is damaged along its length. The whole section can be lined. It involves the insertion of a lining “sock” impregnated with an epoxy resin along the length of the damaged drain. It is then moulded into place using air and water pressure and hot cured. The result is a new fibre reinforced pipe within the old damaged pipe.

The benefits of lining as a drain repair solution are:

  • Minimal cost
  • Minimal disruption and inconvenience
  • Resistant to leaks or root penetration
  • Minimal cross section loss
  • Guaranteed for 15 years
  • Speedy return to full function
  • Suitable for all types and sizes of pipe work from 75mm diameter upwards


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